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About me

Victoria is a former state kickboxing champion. During 11 years in sports, she learned various techniques that she applied to herself and to people in the kickboxing clubs where she worked. Using these techniques can easily teach you the basics but also advanced techniques of boxing and kickboxing. Expect high-intensity training with short breaks, but also big changes in body composition and cardio-vascular abilities.

What Can I Do For You?

We can all find ourselves in a situation where we need to know basic self-defense. Unfortunately, such is the time. On the other hand, the knowledge that you can always defend yourself and your loved ones is something that brings us confidence, security and reduces stress in different situations. Victoria is a personal trainer who will definitely make you feel just like this, and if you have always had the desire to drastically improve your cardio capacity, this is the trainer for you.

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Kickboxing coach
  • ISSA PT licence
  • NASM group training coach

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Kickboxing Training
  • Sport performance
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Ketllebells & Circuit Training
  • Flexibility

Victoria - Reviews & Success Stories

Boxing for kids

We hired Victoria to teach our children the basics of martial arts. She is very kind, patient with children. It is much more interesting for them to train with her compared to other sports activities.
- Aisha

Kickboxing training

And if I thought I had previous experience in martial arts, it was only with this coach that I saw how much I don't really know. We have corrected the basics of the technique and are working on advanced strokes. The trainings are very dynamic and tailored to the menu, which is the biggest plus. With this coach, progress is inevitable.
- David


I always wanted to learn at least basic self-defense, this really worked for me with this coach. The training is very interesting and very dynamic.
- Mia

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What Are My Charges?

You’ve found a real gem!
Victoria is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Victoria is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Victoria is available and responds quickly.

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