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About me

Marko is a professional online personal trainer. He started his sports career in boxing, and after graduating from sports college he continued to upgrade his knowledge in fitness. Many years of work experience and constant education are what set this coach apart the most. Marko works with professional athletes and recreational athletes, leading them with personalized workouts and diet plans to constantly progress. This NASM professor knows how to bring clients to serious body transformations, with a combination of knowledge and long career experience. With this trainer, you can get 1:1 online live training sessions for less money and without wasting time in traffic.

What Can I Do For You?

Every human being is an individual for himself, and therefore the body requires a different process to achieve the desired results. What works for someone does not mean it will work for you. That is why this personal trainer bases his work on strict individualism, and if you have had injuries or any health problems, expect that he will help you solve if possible with a healthy diet and training. With his online personal training, you will change traditional views when it comes to exercise and nutrition, you will quickly achieve the desired goals, and all this in an extremely interesting work atmosphere. Marko is one of the few personal trainers who worked with a lot of famous and professional athletes and can claim that he will bring you a visible change in 6-8 weeks.

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Sports college
  • NASM professor
  • NASM personal trainer
  • HFS certificated nutritionist
  • Boxing coach
  • online trainer certificate

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Body Transformation
  • Weight Loss
  • Boxing & Circuit Training
  • Strength Training
  • Posture / Back Pain
  • Core Strengthening

Marko - Reviews & Success Stories

Personal training

The best coach. Working with Mark online programs for 6 months now, I am more than satisfied.
- Andrew

Body transformation

I have been working with Mark for almost 2 months, a combination of online and personal training and it is amazing how fast we make a difference. My recommendation for this personal trainer.
- Jacob

Personal training

Easy and quick agreement on the beginning of cooperation. Marko is a guy full of knowledge, the reason why I chose him as a personal trainer. The goal is recreation with gradual progress and we are going in that direction.
- Aalam

Personal training

It is always a pleasure to work with this coach.
- Amir

Personal training and meal plan

An amazing coach with top knowledge. Walking encyclopedia and every workout are done to perfection.
- Ashley

Personal training

A very experienced coach full of knowledge, my recommendation for work.
- Sasa

Personal training

I am working with Marko for 2 months and can honestly say that I'm amazed at how much we accomplished so far. There is a long way in front of us, but I don't doubt that it's going to be fun and easy like this one was.
- Abdullah

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What Are My Charges?

You’ve found a real gem!
Marko is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Marko is available and responds quickly.

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