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About me

I possess a unique ability to tailor my training approach to meet the distinct needs of each client, ensuring that their fitness journey is not only customized but also highly effective. Specializing in recovery and injury prevention, I am committed to conducting every training session with a focus on controlled movements and continuous supervision. This personalized approach guarantees that clients not only reach but exceed their fitness goals, all while prioritizing safety and well-being throughout their transformative experience.

What Can I Do For You?

As a passionate fitness and sports enthusiast, I hold a degree from Northern Kentucky University and have actively engaged in a spectrum of sports, including rugby, football, basketball, and American football. My commitment extends beyond personal achievements, as I am dedicated to catalyzing transformative journeys through a holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness. Armed with a solid educational background in Exercise Science, coupled with a Personal Trainer Certification, my expertise encompasses rehabilitation, sports performance, and strength training. By seamlessly integrating my knowledge and hands-on experience, I am poised to equip each client with a comprehensive set of tools essential for not only setting but surpassing their fitness aspirations.

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Sports science college
  • Exercise science
  • Certified trainer
  • Injury and rehab specialist

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Performance
  • Strength Training
  • Posture / Back Pain
  • Injury Rehabilitation

Juan - Reviews & Success Stories

5 star personal trainer

I had lower back pain for 5 years and Juan helped me in just few sessions. Thanks to Juan I can again do my work without pain. I will never stop training with you my friend. Thank you www.trainersdubai.com
- Darius

Thank you

I'm very grateful for having Juan as my trainer. He has been able to help with my aches and pains and has improved my overall physical health. He makes adjustments to the sessions when necessary in order to continue my progression. I will definitely continue to work with him and is who I recommend to the people I know.
- Elia

10/10 outstanding coach

Absolutely amazing coach, great personality and a great teacher. I have made the best transformation of my life, which aided my life with my kids and my wife. I have not only improved my physical health but also my mental health. I would highly recommend Mr. Juan as a trainer.
- Daniel Rivera

Recommended Trainer

I have been training with Juan as my trainer and it has been amazing. Each session is well structured and put me closer to my fitness goals. He has been able to adapt each session to how I feel on the day which, I think, helps prevent me from burning out.
- Taylor

Personal training Dubai

I have had multiple sessions with Juan as my trainer and all of them have been extremely enjoyable. Each workout has been customized appropriately in order to accommodate my injury. It has been getting better and better and is thanks to Juan and the exercises we do each session. Can’t recommend him as a trainer enough.
- Luke

Great Trainer

Thanks to Juan’s guidance and personalized approach, I've seen incredible improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall well-being. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional training experience. You won't be disappointed!
- Elena

Very Satisfied and Recommended

Juan’s personalized approach was amazing. Before creating any workout plan, Juan took the time to understand my fitness goals, limitations, and preferences. The initial consultation laid the foundation for a tailored fitness program that suited me perfectly. His flexibility was another great aspect. Juan was accommodating of my schedule changes and always had alternative plans ready in case of unforeseen circumstances.
- Marcus

Knowledge for respect

I had great results with Juan. He has amazing personality. He solve my lover back pain and we lost 10 kg. Thank you trainersdubai
- Tarek

A great experience

I recently had the pleasure of working with Juan as my trainer , and I can confidently say that it was a great experience. Juan’s dedication to understanding my fitness goals and crafting a tailored workout plan was truly commendable. Aside from the workouts, Juan also provided guidance on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and overall wellness, which complemented the training plan perfectly.
- David

Professional personal trainer

My back pain disappeared after 2 weeks of working with this trainer. Now I aim for core strength and visible abs. This guy has my recommendation.
- Tyler

Extremely knowledgeable and dedicated

I cannot recommend Juan as a trainer highly enough for anyone seeking not only physical transformation but also a knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated trainer. Juan has not just helped me achieve my fitness goals but also gave me the confidence and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
- Saalima

Amazing results

Juan showed a great understanding of various training techniques tailored to my individual needs. His personalized workout plans not only challenged me but also helped me achieve remarkable progress in a short time.
- Mohammed

Highly Recommend

I’ve been training with Juan for some time now, and the experience has been amazing. His dedication to tailoring workouts to my specific goals while ensuring proper form and technique has been exceptional. Juan’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and motivational approach make each session not only challenging but also enjoyable. I’ve seen significant progress in my fitness levels, and I credit that to the expertise and support provided by Juan. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a committed and results-driven trainer.
- Ivan

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You’ve found a real gem!
Juan is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Juan is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Juan is available and responds quickly.

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