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About me

Ivana is a certified personal trainer. She began her journey on the handball courts in Montenegro, thanks to which she gained discipline and determination. As the years unfolded, her love for Muay Thai, a passion that led her to camps in Thailand where she honed her skills. In Dubai, she formalized her passion, earning certifications in fitness coaching. Years of experience in personal training and constant work on her knowledge led her to become one of the most qualified trainers that we can offer. With this trainer, you can get 1:1 training sessions in the gym or at-home sessions.

What Can I Do For You?

Do you easily lose motivation and need a coach to push you a little during training? Ivana understands better than anyone what it looks like when you lose motivation and knows how to pick you up again. She motivates you so that you will acquire healthy habits over time with her advice and guided training. Ivana will create individual and extremely interesting training for you. By combining Muay Thai training with weight training, the results are quickly visible, especially if your goal is to transform your body.

What Are My Qualifications?

  • Alison’s certificate for fitness coaching
  • NASM personal trainer certificate
  • Muay Thai coach

What Training Do I Specialise In?

  • Strength training
  • Boxing & Kickboxing Training
  • Body Transformation
  • Body toning
  • Weight loss
  • Core Strengthening

Ivana - Reviews & Success Stories

Strength & kickboxing training

I started training with Ivana 2 months ago, we combine boxing and strength training. Ivana is a great girl, a great motivator and the energy in training is great. I am very satisfied with the results so far!
- Sonia

The Best

Training with Ivana is amazing . Me and My husband we train together she motivating us .
- Samar

Highly recommend Ivana for PT

I can't recommend Ivana enough. She's been fantastic at understanding and tailoring workouts to my goals. Each session is a perfect balance of challenging and enjoyable, making the whole fitness journey a positive experience. I've seen tangible results - I feel stronger and more toned. Her approach keeps things fresh and engaging, ensuring no two workouts are the same. Working with her has been a game-changer, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated and effective personal trainer.
- Shalni Babur

Home PT

My husband and I chose Ivana as our coach, and let's just say that it was our best decision. She is very reliable, punctual, and professional. The atmosphere at the training is great, the training is dynamic, but Ivana pushes us when we stop. The results are significant and if relatively little time has passed, we believe that by the summer we will make big changes thanks to this girl.
- Eva

Gym personal training Dubai

I reached out to trainers Dubai at a low point in my physical and mental well-being. In the past 3 months, I've made significant progress—shedding 12 kg and improving my sleep, and energy levels. Also, I made serious progress in other areas of my life too. Thanks to Ivana's unwavering motivation, I'm now inspired to hit my peak fitness in the next 6 months. Forever grateful to Ivana for kickstarting my journey to self-discovery.
- Nadia

Best Pt ever!

Ivana is an amazing personal trainer, I think the best I’ve had so far. Her approach is very professional based on your goals and possibilities. I feel very confident since we started training, because I see results every time! Definitely recommended! ❤️
- Cristina


Ivana was someone who convinced me to start with the gym. Anyone who knows me know how stubborn l am and how hard is to convince me in something, especially to workout , and now thanks to Ivana workout is my passion.
- Lanka

Ivana is so good

Ivana is just wonderful!It’s gteat to have someone skilled who can provide motivation and put you in a good mood during your workouts.Definitely I see progression with her guidance!Keep up the good work!
- Suzy

The best

Amazing trainer , pushing you always to do more and motivating you every training. Love workouts with Ivana , she is simply the best!!
- Milly

Personal training Dubai

Ivana fulfilled all my expectations. She motivates me for every training, cheers me up when needed and every workout is very interesting and dynamic. I have toned my body and lost 6 kilos in the last two months. The best female trainer I've had.
- Emily

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What Are My Charges?

You’ve found a real gem!
Ivana is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Ivana is available and responds quickly.
You’ve found a real gem!
Ivana is available and responds quickly.

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